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Inbound Marketing for YOUR Healthcare Organization

The healthcare industry is often a latecomer to the trends in marketing. Don’t be left behind the times, make sure to optimize your healthcare marketing using inbound marketing techniques to grow your business!

If your healthcare company is thinking about using inbound marketing, you may still be on the fence. Companies who do not already understand inbound marketing are starting to take notice. There is good reason to take notice since inbound marketing is enabling healthcare companies to bring on more high-quality talent. In this article, we are going to talk about how inbound marketing helps healthcare companies.

Traditional Marketing vs. Inbound Marketing

Traditional marketing still plays a role in getting the word out to potential candidates. On the other hand, if you were to look at companies who used traditional marketing alone or both traditional and inbound marketing, you would see the one using both strategies was able to attract more qualified talent. Even companies that only use inbound marketing to attract talent are seeing great results.

If you aren’t sold on inbound marketing for healthcare companies, here are some reasons you should pay attention and consider moving forward with your own strategy.

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1) Establishes You as an Industry Leader

When you want to get the attention of top talent, you need to establish yourself as an industry leader. People who are the best in any line of work want to work for the best organizations. Even if you think people already see your company as a top authority, you need to work to keep up your reputation. Whether you need to attract local or international talent, you need to position yourself in a way that potential candidates not only find your content, but they also respect it.

Developing various types of content is key. You need blog posts, whitepapers, videos and more. The more places your ideal candidates come across your content, the better.

2) Helps You Identify Qualified Candidates

When you acquire leads through inbound marketing, you can nurture and track those leads. If you use a service like Hubspot, you can score the leads that opt in. Scoring your leads (or candidates) will allow you to identify those that are likely to be qualified. You can set a certain score you want candidates to have before you contact them further.

You can set up triggers to alert you that a client could be a good fit for the position you are hiring for. You might see that a potential candidate has viewed your blog, your about section and also downloaded your whitepaper. You may use these actions as signals that this could be a qualified candidate. The more qualified candidates you speak with, the more qualified talent you will be able to bring into your establishment.

3) Automate the Hiring Process

The hiring process can be tricky for companies. HR is constantly looking for ways to make the process easier. Having an easy hiring process can help your company hire talent faster and get them to work faster. When you use inbound marketing for your company, you are able to get more information about potential clients. When you get more information about potential clients, you know more about potential candidates. When you know more about candidates, you can narrow down your applicant pool.

Inbound marketing focuses on attracting potential candidates vs. buying their attention. When you are using inbound marketing, it helps companies target the right potential clients and bring on the best people for the position. The more information companies have on candidates, the easier it is to decide on whether or not they are the right person for the position.

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What Your Healthcare Company Needs for Inbound Marketing

Now that you know the benefits of inbound marketing for healthcare companies here are the essential things you need to start working on inbound marketing.

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1) A Website That Is Attractive to Potential Candidates

Your company has a small window of time to capture attention when a potential candidate lands on your website. Your website should be attractive so they will keep viewing the site. Having a website that shows all the information the viewer needs to see why working with your hospital would be beneficial to them.

To make your website attractive to your ideal candidate, here are some things you need to know:

  • Clearly defined personas for your ideal candidate are a must. When you know exactly whom you are talking to, you can speak directly to them in an influential way.
  • Language and terminology should be fitted to the person you want to attract. If there is a specific type of lingo you expect them to use, then you should use it as well.
  • An obvious path to conversion will allow you to get the most leads. If your website is less than structured, you are likely to confuse your viewer.
  • Images that match the conversation is key. The old saying about a picture being worth a thousand words is true so make sure you have images to go on your website.

2) Optimization for Search Engines

Your company needs to optimize your web content for search engines. Your content is not likely to do well in the search engines if it is not easy to find and read. Your images and text should give clues as to what you are writing about. Proper structure and readability are important for search engine optimization (SEO) as well.

3) Relevant and Interesting Content

Your content needs to speak to the reader as soon as they view the first sentence and needs to draw them in as it develops. When you are on top of breaking news and concerns in your industry, your content will perform well.

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As you are developing your inbound marketing strategies, make sure to reach out to us. We are an inbound marketing and sales agency that is HubSpot certified. We understand how to implement inbound marketing and help you get the results that you need through your campaign. Whether you are just getting started with inbound marketing or if you want someone to take over the task, we will be glad to work with you and help you with a free strategy session.


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